Inspired by the spirit of exploration, iLab advocates "Dare To Quest" —  Supports extreme sports and outdoor exploration. Specializes in Extreme Skin Care. Repair skin damage in extreme environments like flying, sailing, diving, surfing, skiing, climbing, etc.

iLab pursues the concept of marine environmental protection; Dedicates to  be the best Outdoor Skin Care in the world.​​​​

              The important thing is not to

              stop questioning. 

​                                                      Einstein

         Freediving is about silence. The
         silence that comes from within.

​                                           Jacques Mayol

​                                   November 23, 1976

​         Free dive to 100 meters underwater


    It is not the mountain we conquer,
    but ourselves. 

Edmund Hillary

​                                         May 29, 1953

​           Reach the peak of Qomolangma



Blue Light


The new skin care products requires new generational technologies (Bluelight Sunscreen、Ultra Repair) and new generational environmental technologies (Ocean Protection、Coral Friendly).

iLab came into being — 

​​ · 100% Bluelight Sunscreen and 24-hour Ultra Repair. Protect and Repair 6 major daily skin problems (before and after sun exposure, dryness, oily acne, dullness, early aging) by Thalassotherapy of SPA treatment and cosmeceutical efficacy with Extreme Plant ingredients.
Marine Conservation and Coral Reef Safe

Ultraviolet Light

     It’s in the nature of the human being
     to face challenges. It’s by the nature
     of his deep inner soul.

                                            Neil Armstrong
​                                                July 20, 1969

                                  Landing on the moon

The most dangerous skin killer is outdoor environment —
 · Traditional skin care products can not effectively cope with and repair skin damage within extreme environments.

 · One drop of harmful skincare ingredient can cause coral bleaching in the size of seven swimming pool.

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