‘The Journey of Xuanzang’ Gobi Challenge Race is the most influential competition of EMBA.

Participants will have to keep hiking 112 kilometers day and night to cross the no man’s land of Gobi. The scorching sun and the dust in the desert constantly erode the skin. The skin not only needs to face direct sunlight, but also the sand dust will block pores and cause multiple skin problems.

iLab provides high-level UV protection and resists dust to protect skin against sensitive and fragile. Provides ultra after-sun repair to restore healthy skin.  ​​

'The Journey of Xuanzang' Gobi Challenge Race

iLab ' The Journey of Xuanzang ' Gobi Challenge Race

As the partner of the Gobi Challenge Race and the nominated skin care products for the competition, iLab provides extreme repair for fragile skin in desert environment.

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