Mid-low price with mid-low cost

Cotton fiber has irritation to skin

Cotton is not essence & Normally 10ml essence

Have preservatives & Suct back water from your skin

10-15 minutes Hydration

Hamaelis Virginiana

North America

Rock Rose



iLab Extreme Anti-aging Treatment Collagen Mask

Resurrection Plant


A New Generation of All-purpose Mist · Nanoscale
新一代全能喷雾 · 纳米级


iLab Extreme Anti-aging Treatment Collagen Mask

+ Revitalizing

33 ml x 4

€ 35​

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iLab Extreme Anti-aging Treatment Collagen Mask

+ Anti-acne

33 ml x 4

€ 35​

Neuro Guard

Deep Arctic Sea​​

Improve elasticity · Smooth fine lines and wrinkles · Tighten skin and Shrink pores

Remove dullness · Rejuvenation and Perfection


Premium price with high cost

Gel has no irritation to skin

Gel is essence & Total 33ml essence

Preservative free & no back suction

60-90 minutes SPA treatment

iLab Extreme Anti-aging Treatment Collagen Mask

+ Brightening

33 ml x 4

€ 35​

iLab SPA mask is a new generational mask, and very different from cotton mask. You must read and apply following instructions before using to get unprecedented experience. 

For all skin types. Both women and men.

2-3 times per week, or 1 time every day during outdoors.

① When apply it on face

Tilt up head or lie flat to prevent slipping. Use your fingertip to cut the uneven areas, such as areas of nose, eye corners, chin etc. Adjust the mask according to face contours precisely. Press the bubbles out in between the mask and face gently. 

② 5-10 minutes

Push up and press the elastic mask occasionally if the gel mask slides down. The natural gel will permeate into skin gradually and no longer slide. 

③ 60-90 minutes

For the best SPA treatment and skin experiences

The natural gel mask will get thinner obviously, and the collagen and essence will be injected into your skin simultaneously. The mask will also shrink on your face evenly and gradually, which helps tighten your skin and shrink pores simultaneously. 

④ After removing

Rinse face with water. 

iLab mask is nature and soluble. You may dissolve it in hot water, >55 Celsius degree, to moisturize your hands, soak your feet, fertilize flowers and plants, or even drink it when you washing and cleaning the surface of the mask before you dissolve it.

New Generational Mask

SPA treatment — Apply 60-90 minutes and No back suction

Extreme Natural — 25ml gel mask 100% made by natural algae extracted from deep Nordic sea  8ml essential lotion extracted from extreme plants

French Thalassotherapy

SPA treatment · Cosmeceutial efficacy · Sensitive skin · PH mild acid

Protection + Repair

All Masks — Soothe and repair · Hydrate and Moisturize · Collagen supplement

Series — Revitalizing · Brightening · Anti-acne · Nourishing


​Improve elasticity · Smooth fine lines and wrinkles · Tighten skin and Shrink pores · Remove dullness · Rejuvenation and Perfection

Coral Reef Safe
No harmful ingredients of Oxybenzone, Octinoxate etc.​​

Extreme Plants

All masks — Neuro Guard from deep Arctic sea · Algae from deep Nordic sea

Series — Resurrection Plant · Rock Rose · Hamamelis Virginiana · Snow Algea

0 Additives

Preservative and Fragrance Free · ​Alcohol and Hormone Free · Paraben Free


​European COSMOS organic certificate · The mask is soluble in hot water

iLab Extreme Anti-aging Treatment Collagen Mask

+ Nourish

33 ml x 4

€ 35


Snow Algae